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Our products are made from recycled and reground playground equipment, trash cans and other non-biodegradable HDPE plastics


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Raven Products | HDPE Rotational Molders

Established in 2003, Raven Products answered the industry need for a competitive Thermo Plastic Water Meter Box and Lid made of Polyethylene.  In 2006, a 6000 sq. ft. Rotational Molding facility was built in Caldwell, Idaho to house the manufacturing of Raven Products.  The box and lid have excellent strength to weight ratio.  The lid is light weight, durable, closed cell (frost protection) and radio waves from the water meter easily pass through the Polyethylene.  Our boxes and lids are round or rectangular in any size or configuration.  They can be designed and manufactured to meet your specifications.  Raven Products also manufactures:

Oil Water Separators
• Seed Bins
• Trash Bin Lids
Other products made from privately owned molds

Raven Products re-uses reground resin in all our products made in Caldwell, Idaho U.S.A.